In conjunction with its Mission and Vision, the Institution is guided by the following deeply held and shared values:


Intelligent and passionate pursuit for quality and excellence

The Institution upholds the values and inculcates the passion for quality and excellence in all that it does and experience as a community. It advocates a campus environment that encourages and motivates students, faculty and staff to identify and achieve their individual goals. These it attains through proficiency of faculty, professionalism of staff and administration, relevance of curriculum, and timely delivery of instruction, research and extension programs. All these adhere to the high standards of education that are designed to meet the needs of every student.


Exemplify high standard of professional behaviour and transparency adhering to values, ethical and moral principles

The Institution adopts a firm adherence to ethical values. This is achieved through honesty and truthfulness in every action of the students, faculty and staff in their dealings with each other or with other people inside and outside the campus. As an Institution located in a city known for good governance, it invokes upon itself the practice of transparency.


Provides student-centered learning experience focused on needs, interets, abilities and learning styles to produce satisfied graduates

BISCAST education shall be student-centered that is focused on each student’s needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles, placing the teacher as a facilitator of learning. This classroom teaching method acknowledges student voice as central to the learning experience for every learner, and differs from many other learning methodologies. Enabled students to take a self-directed alternative to learning.  By taking on a student-centered approach, the students will enjoy a more positive learning experience which will likely help them develop greater passion for learning and lead to more success in their learning endeavors. As well, this approach involves students in their overall education, creating a proactive involvement in learning.    In the end, BISCAST graduates will emerge as effective enablers when they join the workforce.


Value excellence, sustainability, innovation, creativity, and holistic development 

It is viewed as a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour used to improve performance; or as the state or quality of being adequately or well qualified, having the ability to perform a specific role.   The BISCAST student shall be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to be able to perform his job well. While in school and at work, the student shall imbibe upon himself to value excellence, sustainability, innovation, creativity and holistic development in congruence with the college’s vision and mission.


Flexible to change with respect to culture, diversities, and the environment

This value focuses on the ability of the BISCAST student to co-exist harmoniously with people around him.  Moreover, it pertains to the ability of the student to be able to fit his behavior according to changes in his environment.  Since the college targets to produce globally competitive graduates, it is important that these graduates are not just knowledgeable and skilled, but, equally important is that they can easily adjust to different social and physical environments.  They should also welcome and adapt flexibility by respecting different cultures and accepting diversities. 


Provides pro-active and engaging, accessible, courteous and committed service to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Providing excellent service implies helping or serving clients in order to meet or even exceed their needs. It means focusing on discovering these needs and figuring out how to best meet them. The term client refers to both internal and external clients. It means the stakeholders: students, parents, alumni, and community, faculty and non-teaching personnel.  Service excellence means giving clients all the information they need and offer service beyond the client’s expectations. Being a government institution, it recognizes that its resources are paid for by government funds, thus it shall commit to optimal utilization of resources, consistent with strategic goals and ensure successful implementation of strategic plans.  Like the holy mantra in the retail sphere, the college shall offer “service with a smile” to all its clients, ensuring that the clients will always walk away satisfied. 


Collaborate in synergy towards the realization of goals and objectives .

Teamwork is defined as the interactions of individuals, brought together for a common purpose or goal, which subordinate the needs of the individual to the needs of the group. In essence, each person on the team puts aside his or her individual needs to work towards the larger group objective. BISCAST promotes teamwork through sustained respectful working conditions among the different stakeholders through collaborative efforts towards synergistic activities.