UPDATE | BISCAST extends financial help to stranded students
25 BISCAST stranded students or dormers who hailed from outside of Naga City and were not able to go home due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) recently received financial aid from the College to help them cope with the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. The beneficiaries are among the remaining 45 dormers being monitored by the Student Development Services (SDS) office and are not recipients of the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) of CHED. The subsistence allowance, amounting to three thousand pesos, is given as an alternative to the relief packs that they need to pick up from the campus.
Early on, the BISCAST Alumni Association under the leadership of its president, Atty. Maria Pacita Ranara- Necesario, also gave three hundred pesos each to all stranded students as assistance.
The giving of financial aid is just one among the series of efforts of the BISCAST Administration, through the SDS Office, to assist our dormers who are forced to face the perils of the pandemic away from their families. At the onset of the quarantine, BISCAST promptly gathered the names of the stranded dormers and launched a donation drive from within the school community. Donations from faculty, alumni, and private citizens, steadily trickled providing food and other basic necessities to our students.
The SDS Office also coordinated with the local government for students to be provided with transportation to go home. Unfortunately not all stranded students were able to take the scheduled trips made by the City and the Provincial Government due to various reasons.
The initial fund for the student’s subsistence allowance will cover for two months with the hope that the situation will improve by the month of May. Though we are maintaining a positive outlook towards the lifting of the quarantine soon, we can really never tell with certainty as to how long this crisis will drag on. In this light that BISCAST is appealing for your continuous generosity by donating grocery items or cash to sustain our help for these students. You may drop your donations at the Guard on Duty in BISCAST.