The challenges of the fast growing technology driven society have its demand for academic institution to share the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences using their most updated pedagogical tools through the field of research. Hence, BISCAST commits to provide an opportunity for the academic institutions of the country to have scholarly discussions and exchange of ideas bringing about educational transformation and technological advancement that will create positive impact globally.

                 This three-day conference will provide an avenue for the educators and stakeholders to continuously showcase their research works and innovations in their fields of expertise especially on Technology, Engineering, Culture and Society. This will also lead to international collaborations and partnerships for appropriate application and utilization of technologies.


The conference aims to:

   1. Provide a proper venue for intellectual discussion of research findings related to continuous advancement in technology, culture and society.
   2. Strengthen the capacity of the researchers to communicate relevant findings to the academic and industrial community.
3. Create a community of scholars who can collaborate with other participants to come up with future research projects.


Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology invites the students, faculty, and industry researchers from different international institutions to submit their original research papers for oral presentation in the following areas:




  •  Automotive Technology

  • Manufacturing Technology

  • Food Technology

  • Quality and Production Technology

  • Signal Processing

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Automation

  • Mechatronics and Robotics

  • Engineering Design

  • Engineering Education

  • Innovation

  • Green Technology

  • Nano Technology

  • Ecological Sensitivity

  • Social Media Technology

  • Social Learning Environment

  • Gender and Society

  • Cyber Culture

  • Culture across languages

  • Innovation and social transmission in experimental micro-societies

  • Cultural dimensions in contemporary global leadership practices

  • ASEAN cultural values

  • Emerging ASEAN cultures